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Jan. 14th, 2012

Schilling Eyes

So Many Leftover Feelings

Today I watched Soup Opera and it was very good. Nothing was really wrong with it, and like most Japanese movies I've watched, there was beautiful scene takes and moments where there is silence but tension. Though like most Japanese endings it was so open ended and a little nostalgic. I wanted to rewind it right back to the beginning honestly in hopes of filling up the gap left by the ending. I didn't know what to think at the end, and then I thought "Why are all Japanese movies like this".

Maybe it"s my taste in picking moviesCollapse )

Jan. 2nd, 2012

Schilling Eyes

The fruits of my labor

Dec. 30th, 2011

Schilling Eyes

Feeling of the First Time

I managed to get Photoshop CS5 and started using it today. I've used Adobe Photoshop in the past and I was actually quite an expert and young. Somewhere in my history I completely stopped Photoshopping and I'm guessing it's when my computer started to become a malfunctioning mess.

It"s absolutely BeautifulCollapse )

Dec. 10th, 2011

Schilling Eyes

(no subject)

I problem solved today.
In the end the image of my omurice came out good.

Jun. 8th, 2011


Chai tea from scratch

Originally the idea was to make an oreo cookie sundae since it was so hot out today, and it was a perfect drink to cool me down. but sadly I forgot to pick up the main ingredient oreo cookies. Luckily I had a sufficient amount of ingredients to make some authentic chai.


Some Real ChaiCollapse )



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Oct. 23rd, 2010

Schilling Eyes

Something Delicious


You would like a Taste?Collapse )

Oct. 10th, 2010

Schilling Eyes

Had to do it!

I saw this and had to do it for no reason what so ever.

Write your name:  Afiong
Write your name with your elbow: aFIOOPMNFG
Write your name with your chin: afiong
Write your name with your nose: qarfionhg
Write your name with your eyes closed:

Sep. 12th, 2010

Schilling Eyes

Writer's Block: Kanye West's Tweet Apology

How do you feel about Kanye West admitting his past mistakes and apologizing to Taylor Swift on Twitter? Is he trying to win hearts back?

Honestly, I'm not the type to care about peoples personal affairs.
I like Kanye and any other artist for the matter of the music they make.
Just make good music, I don't care about Taylor or what happened.
There job is to make music.

Aug. 1st, 2010

Schilling Eyes

Neglection T.T

So i said I wasn't going to write in this journal a lot, but I don't want to completely neglect it.
So for a long time now I thought about what I was going to write.
I think this is partially the reason why I don't type in here a lot because I have a lack of words.
It's not even as if anyone reads my journal on a daily basis, so why do I still feel the need to type in it
Ladies and gentleman who happened to stumble upon this, it is because that is just the way I function
I just wasted a few minutes of my life just because I felt the need to post an entry.
Truthfully this is basically all I had to say.
I think that makes this entry even sadder.

I even took the time to decorate the font and use color.

Aug. 16th, 2009

Schilling Eyes

(no subject)

I Lost my phone >.> It's in the house I just don't know where T.T
What Shall I do. I need to handle buisness [LIES]

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